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Our career coaching accelerator program is helping several clients achieve business success. Don't just take our word for it – check out the reviews and testimonials from some of our clients below.
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Xue decided to take the leap after working as a SWE at Tesla. 

Before, Xue didn't know how to start her own business, but after joining the program and having the right support from the coaches, she was able to accelerate her learning and boost her confidence, and got almost 10 clients during the first two months.


Aditya learned more in a month of the program than he did in over six months of trying to teach himself.

In only 30 days, Aditya was able to set up his lead generation strategy, build the first stages of his product, and close his first TWO clients thanks to the accelerator program.


Ellie realized the value that being in a community offered.

Before joining the program, Ellie wasn't very confident about how Daniel and his team would be able to help her business. After only three weeks in it, she noticed how important having the right support was, and the power of collaborating among other fellow coaches. 


Corey found what he needed to take his program to the next level.

Corey quickly realized that the CCA program offered him structure, was very comprehensive, and could include many expert insights because Daniel has been doing this for over seven years. 


Samuel was able to build a business in the Medical Sales Industry just by selling on LinkedIn.

After working with Opny, Samuel quickly realized the importance of having a strong LinkedIn presence if he wanted to sell, especially in an industry where people aren't used to being on the platform.


Jasmine found an army of supporters after joining the program.

Jasmine was the first business owner in her family, and she didn't really know how to scale her passion. After working with the Opny team, she realized the importance of data and processes in order to succeed in her business.


Roy saw a change in his business after having a team of people fully dedicated to his success.

Roy found out the importance of having people on his team, especially at the moment of his business, when he couldn't afford it by himself.

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We also know that everyone's career journey is not the same.

The fact is that your background is different, your situation is different, and your goals are different.

This is why in addition to giving you access to our Proven Process, Step by Step Blueprints, and hundreds of Templates, we personally work with you to create a customized career strategy.

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Mastering College To Career Club

When you join the Mastering College To Career Academy, you'll get LIFETIME access to the MC2C Club. This is what I called the Netflix of career development specifically designed for college students.

Below is a small preview of the content that is included in the Club â¬‡ď¸Źâ¬‡ď¸Ź

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