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Myth #1: If you apply for enough jobs, you will eventually get one company to say yes.

Pro-tip: When it comes to job hunting in 2022, Quality matters much more than Quantity.

Myth #2: You are missing one more certification or degree.

Pro-tip: Odds are that your resume or skills are not the problem. You need more visibility.

Myth #3: Your experience is holding you back from landing your dream job.

Pro-tip: Companies care more about your potential than your experience. You just have to learn how to communicate it.

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Fatemah Najafali

Incoming Software Engineer at Microsoft

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Product Engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Michelle Ortiz

Data Quality Engineer at Disney

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Christian Clark, MBA

Brand Strategy Associate at Capital One

Daniel’s teachings and mentorship are a big part if the reason why I landed my first job after graduation during the pandemic.

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